ALEKsandra Sarna,  leads a nomadic lifestyle between Łódź, Newcastle and Berlin.  She studies functioning in the space between reality, 2D, and virtual 3D representation in an era in which nature, humanity and technology overlap. Her works are visual narratives built on the basis of subjective perception, organization and interpretation of impressions to understand the surrounding (including contemporary topics such as climate change, technological progress, psychological, philosophical and ecological systems in a crisis). They function in the logic of immersive simulations constructed from alternative spaces and objects in order to be able to express, at least partly, the essence of the information age. The area of ​​her activity mainly includes CGI, video, VR and photography but she also creates objects, artefacts and various types of installations.




Selected Group Exhibitions and Screenings


2019               “No Budget Show” Fundacja Towot Squat, Kazimierz Dolny

2019               "CINÉ OPEN BAR avec Formatova Chez Les Grands Voisins",  Intercultural Visual Form #3,  Formatova, Les Grands Voisins, Paris

2019               “Commotion”, Art Museum MS1, Lodz

2019               “Hotspot_JEST”, JEST Gallery, Wroclaw

2019               “Bez Obaw i Nienawiści”, Poleski Punkt Odbioru Sztuki, Lodz

2019               "Borders of (im)materiality", Art Incubator, The Art Factory, Lodz


2018               Videonews, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin

2018               Young Wolves 18 Art Festival , TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art, Szczecin

                          (Collective Everybody Loves Somebody - Marta Krześlak, Małgorzata Pawlak, Kornel Kowalski, Alek Sarna)

2018               „Hommage á la liberté”, The Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź,  Lodz

2018               Brutal Movie Night vol. I, The Primal Uproar selection, LOOPHOLE, Boddinstr. 60, 12053, Berlin

2018               “The Hidden Light”, Intercultural Visual Form #3, Formatova & Kino Bodo, TU, Lodz

2018               “The Hidden Light”, Intercultural Visual Form  #3, Formatova, Kino Eufemia, Warszawa

2018               “The Hidden Light” Intercultural Visual Form #3, Formatova, Projection à la Trockette, 125, Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris

2018               Primal Uproar vol. III, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg

2018               Intercultural Visual Form #3, Formatova,  Paris Salon Art Contemporian & Street Art, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris

2018               “The Hidden Light” Intercultural Visual Form #3, Cafe de la Commune Libre d’Aligre, Paris

2018               “Witamy w krainie piękna i prawdy”, Galeria ASP Piotrkowska 68, Lodz

2018               “A Łódź?”, Obrońców Stalingradu 17, Szczecin

2018               “The Hidden Light”, Intercultural Visual Form #3,  Formatova, Institut français de Pologne à Cracovie, Krakow

2018               “Missing Element”, Agora Art Circle, Art Lacuna  - Project Space, Wandsworth Arts Fringe, London

2018               “SNAP out of it!” Kolonia Artystów - Dolne  Miasto, Gdansk






2019               Performativity, choreography and carnality in the practice of visual arts. Workshops of the Art Museum at the Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź

                          with Iza Szostak, Katarzyna Słoboda, Łukasz Ogórek and Daniel Muzyczuk.

2018                Workshops: Masterclass for curators and photographers with Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger  and Federico Clavarino, PARALLEL - European Photo Based

                          Platform & Fotofestiwal - International Festival of Photography in Lodz,  Lodz

2018               “Między Zabawą, a Performancem”, 17.Międzynarodowe Warsztaty Niepokoju  Twórczego Kieszeń Vincenta, Poznan

2018               Workshops with Ewa Zarzycka, Lodz

2018               OPWA Ogólnopolskiej Płaszczyzny Współpracy  Akademickiej, „Intervention in the public space of the Polish Center of Sculpture in Oronsko as

                          a result of motivating activities in the post-avant-garde era”, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko, Oronsko

2018               “Warsztat Pracy” Curating workshops by Art Museum MS1 with Joanna Rajkowska, Lodz

2018               “Perform_tech” with Laura Netz, The Art Factory, Lodz






2018         Anna Uddenberg, Berlin






2019         Marschal of Lodz Artistic Scholarship

2019         Culture and National Heritage Scholarship

2018         Rector Academy of Art Scholarship






2017-now     MA, Visual Projects, Faculty of Visual Arts, Academy of Fine Arts  in Lodz

2011-2014   First-class honours BA(Hons) of Arts in Fashion, University of Derby, United Kingdom