Bionts/new dawn symulation

2019, Installation

CGI Video, 00:02:30 in loop, 1920x1080

6 mobile sculptures (plastic, metal, cotton, leather, polyurethane foam, paint)



A.I. Magicians and Youtube mentors, nationalistic fantasy and capitalistic dreams try to imagine a new dawn. This multi-biont story is about convalescence, the connections of the past, and the upcoming possible future. No species, not even human, functions alone; clusters of organic species and abiotic forms permeate each other, creating a common history, full of beginnings and ends, transformations, cycles and phrases.





Bionts adapt the found artifacts, grow together with them and use their potential. Each of them interacts in some way with each other and with its environment; some remain passive, others internalize technology to improve their mobility. They can be aggressive, they can seek escape, dance, defend themselves, be used.... Observing them, one can notice a certain complexity of behaviours and the sophistication of relationships.